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Record Mirror : Record of theWeek : Bad Hearts : Reviewed by Bev Briggs : 10 June 1978
"Fill in the missing word, the alternatives are shown in the brackets. SINGLE OF THE...(Week, Decade, Phosphorus)
THE TIGHTS: 'Bad Hearts' I have chosen this as my single of the...(week, decade, phosphorus) because (a) they sent me a badge (b) I'm a debauched little bleeder (c) I genuinely believe that this represents the truth of today's music and compliments the work of its forefathers. NB For "forefathers' - read 'forefathers', not 'foreskins'. This record shows great...(initiative, scratches, red deer), and although...(punk, skunk, canteloupe) it is of excellent... (calibre, sawn-off shotgun, waterpistol)
 The originators of this record themselves term it as ...(Dada, Mama, Great Aunt Heidelburg). The Tights are entreprenuers in...(Neu Art, Misprints, foundation garments), and are mere...(teenagers, half per cent. coyotes). I will go out and buy this single...(immediatley, immediatley, immediatley)."


New Musical Express : Bad Hearts : 17 June 1978
"Chainsaw buzz-guitar beneath the song proper (sic) gives the game away: these Dada doting lads from Worcester professing an antipathy to punkettes sound like they'd be well at home down the Vortex. Singer Malcolm Orgee, though, is good. And for all you liberal feminist dykes out there, the pic sleeve features a young girl bound by barbed wire. Pretty symbolic, eh?


Sounds : Bad Hearts : 8 July 1978
"Ignore any prejudices you might have about being reminded of the sound of '77 and learn to enjoy again (like last summer) the constant riffing guitar, studied vocals and melody line supported by the bass alone. Ignore the girl in barbed wire bondage and war pic sleeve and pick up on guts of the performance and wit of the tune. It's no 'Orgasm Addict' but not long ago, Pete Shelly would've been proud of it. And Brian Jones aside, that's better than we have any right to expect of something coming out of Cheltenham


Melody Maker : Bad Hearts : 10 June 1978 : Reviewed by Ian Birch
"And out of Worcester comes Cherry Red and The Tights, produced by John Acock. It certainly fizzes with confidence and energy but the songs don't hold any water beyond being two note warm-ups. Still, from small acorns...blah, blah.

Radio & Record News : Bad Hearts : 1978
"Lay down a raucous rhythm guitar in the background , bring in clear foreground vocals, and finally make the sound complete with the bass and drums combining as one unit, and you have a superb modern pop record.