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The Tights - '78 singles - Bad Hearts - Howard Hughes

All five tracks from both singles are now available on this CD.Together with tracks by The Dead Kennedys, Destroy All Monsters,The  Runaways, and The Hollywood Brats.Buy it here at Amazon . Or download any of the tracks here from Cherry Red Records
If you want to buy the original vinyl versions of the singles try going through the links page, where you can visit websites
specializing in  '70s punk releases.

Too Tight to F**k January 29, 2006
Reviewer: stevedons from London United Kingdom
You will probably want to buy this for the excellent Dead Kennedys tracks but there's another band on here that any fan of British punk rock will want to hear. The Tights were the first band on the Cherry Red records label and 16 years old back in 1978. It is fashionable now to say that punk died in 1978 but bands like The Tights prove that it was alive and kicking hard in '78. Bad Hearts is the stand out but China's Eternal and Howard Hughes will not disappoint either.