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The band reformed in 2004, this abum contains the first recordings since the Cherry Red Records singles in 1978, with 3 of the original band members , Malcolm Orgee, Rob Banks and Barry Island

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BIG CHEESE Magazine , Issue 124, July 2010

TV, WORK & BED    * * * *  (4stars)

Recently reformed Brit-Punk veterans make up for a long absence.

A teen-punk phenomenon back in the day with a handful of releases on Cherry red to their name, the recently reassembled Tights have released a credible album (incredibly, apparently their first?) of spiky punk pop anthems, all in that authentically wiry Brit punk mode. “Band Interrupted” appears to explain the group’s long hiatus from the scene, recently single “7707” tips a hat to punk’s Jubilee Year and the stinging lyrics and lashing guitar on “State of Nature” would have done The Buzzcocks proud. While the years haven’t eroded their school-boyish charm, there’s a bittersweet bite to this album that tells of greater depths than pogo punk.

Hugh Gulland




  ' Blood & Flowers '  and  ' 7707 '
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It makes you want to spit

* It Makes You Want To Spit : Punk in Ulster Northern Visions/NvTv

Video Recording at the book launch of ' IT MAKES YOU WANT TO SPIT ' in the Empire, Belfast, authors Sean O'Neill and Guy Trelford tell of their labour of love in compiling this difinitive history of punk in Northern Ireland. Henry McDonald, Stuart Bailey, Terri Hooley, Petesy Burns, William Maxwell also talk about what first attracted them to punk music and the positive influence it had on their lives. The Defects, one of the original 80's Belfast punk band, give a live energetic performance...and the indomitable Terri Hooley chips in with party piece 'Laugh at Me'.

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Produced by Dave Hyndman


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